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Engineroom Safety Policies
ENGINEROOM has robust safety policies that include clear terms and conditions, as well as a liability waiver, to ensure that all members are aware of the risks associated with exercising and agree to assume responsibility for any potential injuries or damages.

Commit to Safety, Embrace Responsibility: Engineroom's Policy for a Safe Workout Environment

EngineRoom Gym places a high priority on the safety of its members, and has developed comprehensive safety policies to ensure that everyone can work out with confidence. These policies include clearly stated terms and conditions that outline the expectations and responsibilities of each member, as well as a liability waiver that acknowledges the inherent risks of physical activity and releases the gym from any liability for injuries or damages.


By emphasising the importance of personal responsibility and informed consent, EngineRoom Gym creates a safe workout environment where members can focus on achieving their fitness goals without unnecessary worry or stress. With a commitment to safety and transparency, Engineroom Gym sets the standard for responsible gym management and fosters a community of health and wellness that is both welcoming and supportive.

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